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Today, thanks to their technical know-how and constant collaboration with its customers all over the world, FAPMO is able to guarantee high technical assistance with each project submitted.

With a wealth of experience behind them, FAPMO is capable of adapting to all requirements and constraints and submit to its customers appropriate technical solutions.

Backed by a solid reputation, FAPMO exercises its competence in a number of varied industrial sectors such as the Navy, Power, Sea Water Desalination, Sugar refineries, the Steel industry, Mining, Ore processing, the Chemical industry and so on … this at the four corners of the planet.




Fapmo is organised in different departments :

  • Direction
  • Modeling, Manufacturing & Logistic
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Purchasing
  • Sales & projects
  • Spare parts and sales administration
  • Qualification & Test
  • Services


Some figures


in 2017, Fapmo turnover and sales areas are :

Approximatively 10% of its turnover is composed of co-conception programs with its Customers and with its own R&D.