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Research & Development


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raq2, ensamApproximatively 10% of Fapmo’s annual turnover is spent either on own R&D program or in studies requested by its Customers. Thus, Fapmo has the ressouces to conduct R&D programs, sometimes in co-creation with the Customer, in order to develop new technologies or improve the existing one. Fapmo is also conducting its own R&D program to always be on top of the state of the art.

As example, study programs may consist of the following :

  • Acoustic program in order to improve the noise of our equipments
  • Development in coordination with electrical supplier of a new and specific electrical motor
  • Development of new materials in casing, shaft etc… to reduce the noise or electrical consumption or compacity
  • Improvement of the general design of our equipments
  • Creation of prototype and test in extreme conditions
  • Feasability studies for a specific use
  • ….


In case of interest, contact us to create the perfect program that will match your future needs.