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Fapmo commitment and mission doesn’t stop at the delivery of the pumps but also extend to a wide range of after-sales services :

  • Site to work for installation and commissioning of our pumps
  • Training
  • Repairing

Services are available all around the world with our English speaking team.




Training can be either realized by Fapmo after-sales team or by expert depending on Customers needs and complexity required. Training provided with pumps is generally limited to the operation and simple maintenance of the pumps.

Nevertheless, Fapmo canalso provide additional training if necessary :

  • Deep understanding of pumps operation
  • Hydraulic theory of pumps
  • Vibration and acoustic noise theory
  • Installation/set up of pumps in a facility or on board
  • General training concerning pumps
  • Specific training




Maintenance is either realized at Fapmo factory or on site by a dedicated maintenance team. Jobs performed at Fapmo facility are tested in same condition than the original pumps to ensure the perfect operation and compliance of the maintenance.


Fapmo provides the following maintenance services :

  • corrective maintenance, to fix an issue with the pump
  • preventive maintenance, for example within an annual maintenance contract
  • predictive maintenance based notably on vibratory analysis and replacement, only if necessary, of a future defective part